I’m currently available for consulting on a part-time basis as well as for short-term (1-2 month) full-time contracts. I perform the following services:

  • Creating and tuning recommendation and search engine machine learning systems. Crafting good search and recommendation experiences is an art as much as it is a science. I build whole systems from beginning to end as well as guide the externalities such as running user studies and interviews to evaluate results.
  • Predictive analytics machine learning systems. I research and analyze what’s needed for predictive analytics, collect data, then build models.
  • Building and deploying scalable data systems. I specialize in SQL databases including schema design, query optimization, indexing, and performance tuning.
  • Technical leadership and project management. I advise several startups to improve the effectiveness of their CTOs and other technical leaders.
  • Scoping business problems to manageable technical solutions. Being good at asking questions and knowing what work needs to be done is my superpower.
  • Low to mid-level optimization of C and C++ systems code. I don’t do this kind of work much anymore, but I’m still proficient in it and happy to delve into such problems.

If your problem isn’t on the above list, feel free to contact me anyway. Sorry, but I’m not interested in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space unless the work itself that you need done is directly related to my usual tasks.

Please contact me for a consultation.